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About Us

Following the modern channels of communication and advertising we created this site with the aim to make known our company to the general public but also to demonstrate our services and products many of them we distribute solely.

Bissias s.a offers solutions in two basic fields:
1. For Car and Motorbike: With car refinishes, car care products, personal safety products, professional equipment, etc.
2. For Constructions & Houses: With decorative paints, sealants, adhesives, cleaning and protection products, improving agents and mortars, tile and marble products, etc.

Various types of coatings, clearcoats, primers, hardeners, spaying equipment and every kind of product in relation to Car refinishing and Decorative products you will find in great variety and always at a competitive price.

Some of our established partners are DuPont, 3M, DeBeer/Swerwin Williams, Spralac, Dupli, Bondex, Gori, Durostick, Berling, Sata, Rupes, Devilbiss, etc.