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Building on the heritage of the first GTi gravity models the GTi Pro has now firmly established itself globally as the first choice for the application of all types of water and solvent-borne basecoats. A new generation of larger "Pro" HVLP and Trans-Tech air caps provide unparalleled atomisation ..
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 Z108.350.3/5.30 Φ 350Χ3,5Χ30 Ζ108 ΔΙΣΚ.ΚΟΠ.ΜΕΛΑΜ.G.D.A
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 Z12.102.385.22 Φ 102Χ3,85Χ22 Ζ12 ΔΙΑΜΑΝΤΕ G.D.A.
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ΔΙΑΣΤΑΣΕΙΣ: 102 Χ 3,85 Χ 22 ΔΟΝΤΙΑ: Ζ 12..
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 Z168.550.44.32.2 Φ 550 4,4Χ32Χ2 Ζ168 ΔΙΣΚ.ΚΟΠ.ΑΛΟΥΜ.
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ΔΙΑΣΤΑΣΕΙΣ: 125 Χ 3 , 4/4, 5 Χ 20 ΔΟΝΤΙΑ: Ζ 24 Τραπεζ...
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 Z42.180.27.30 Φ 180Χ2,7Χ30 Ζ42 ΞΥΛΟΥ ΧΕΙΡΟΣ G.D.A.
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