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8" double sided, deep pile lambswool pad. Ideal for fast renovation of larger areas of painted surfaces in automotive and marine applications. To use with 14mm thread polishing machines, order adaptor #91109...
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One-step, water based abrasive cleaning and preparation system for use on all paint finishes. Ideal for difficult to prep areas such as bumpers, door sills and for the blending-in of new paint. Fast, efficient, easy to clean-up...
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Ovation Polish can be used to add a long life wax protection to the compounded paint surface. Easy to apply and buff off, Ovation enhances paint gloss clarity and depth of shine...
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A specially developed clay bar for the removal of paint overspray, industrial fallout, tree sap and other surface contaminants. Safe to use on paintwork, glass and plastic...
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Bodyshop safe formula which cleans and completely removes compound residues from paint, glass and plastic surfaces. Use throughout the compounding process to facilitate inspection and quality assessment of paint finish.  ..
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Wash primer is a 2 component etching product that is used as a primer over steel, aluminum, galvanized steel and other light metals. Specially formulated for use in the automotive refinish market.   Excellent adhesion through etching process Adheres to steel, electrolytically and thermally zinc-c..
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The De Beer Refinish WaterBase 900+ Series is one of the most user-friendly water-based coating systems currently available. Featuring hi-opacity mixing colours for quick creation of all solid, metallic, xirallics and pearl colours. One of the major benefits is that it is an entirely non-stirring sy..
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Wrapping tape in brown or transparent color. Available in the following dimensions: 30mmx66m and  50mmx66m..
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Latest innovation in compounding pad technology, delivers the speed of cut of a conventional Lambswool pad without the creating micro scratches and swirls. Effortlessly removes deeper scratches (P1500) but leaves a high gloss finish. Available in 80mm (#90015) & 150mm (#90014) diameters...
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