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NEW! P-12 Xtra Heavy Cut Compound with unique DRA™ (Dynamic Response Abrasion) technology incorporating micro-precision oxides quickly and easily removes paintwork and gelcoat imperfections, random deep scratches, and heavy oxidation in the shortest possible time to enable the end user to deli..
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 Z108.350.3/5.30 Φ 350Χ3,5Χ30 Ζ108 ΔΙΣΚ.ΚΟΠ.ΜΕΛΑΜ.G.D.A
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 Z12.102.385.22 Φ 102Χ3,85Χ22 Ζ12 ΔΙΑΜΑΝΤΕ G.D.A.
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ΔΙΑΣΤΑΣΕΙΣ: 102 Χ 3,85 Χ 22 ΔΟΝΤΙΑ: Ζ 12..
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 Z168.550.44.32.2 Φ 550 4,4Χ32Χ2 Ζ168 ΔΙΣΚ.ΚΟΠ.ΑΛΟΥΜ.
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ΔΙΑΣΤΑΣΕΙΣ: 125 Χ 3 , 4/4, 5 Χ 20 ΔΟΝΤΙΑ: Ζ 24 Τραπεζ...
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